Now that a couple of weeks of 2015 have passed, I have had time to reflect on 2014. Some of these reflections cause me to smile. Some of them bring a sense of sadness into my heart. I am thankful for the areas of my life where I saw growth and victory. And I am painfully aware of the failures and my need for continuing repentance and forgiveness. But I try to remember that all of the happenings of last year were woven together according to the providence and grace of God, who is working all of them together to build me up in Christ and to bring about his glory through me. I am, however, spurred on by these reflections to be better. Not that I could ever be good enough… I understand that my best efforts fall woefully short. That any resolution kept or sin destroyed is only so according to God’s grace. And for every single area of growth or victory, there are countless areas of needed growth and continuing failure. Nevertheless, by looking at what I was in 2014 I am helped to see what I want to be in 2015. And while there is a Continue Reading
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After much prayer and counsel from other saints, Aaron and I have come to the heart-felt conclusion that the Lord is calling us to plant a new congregation. We see a great need both to reach the lost and to call believers to a fresh and biblically focused faithfulness to the Savior. When starting a new church, or most any other project, one of the first questions to ask is, “Why bother? What’s the point?” Finding a church might be difficult in some places, but not on the Gulf Coast. While it is true that there are some congregations effectively building the Kingdom, many seem ineffective, confused, and generally out to lunch. This presents both an opportunity and a danger. I long to see a new, strong, biblically true church. But, the last thing I want to do is to add to the list of confused and crank congregations...
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