About Us

Transforming Lives with Biblical Truth

Redeemer Baptist Church is committed to ministering to and serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our primary mission is to:

  • Bring about God’s glory through the faithful preaching and teaching of the Scriptures for the edification of His people and the salvation of the lost, and
  • To see believers sanctified into the image of Christ and to see unbelievers redeemed all across the Mississippi Gulf Coast

We hope Redeemer Baptist Church will become a place with a balanced view of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), pursuing both earnest evangelism and in-depth discipleship. We want our services to be intentionally God-centered. We want a fellowship that loves the lost world, but never allows friendship with the world to produce compromise. We posted a blog article about our decision to plant a new church in the Mississippi Gulf Coast – we hope you’ll read it here.

We invite you to learn more about our beliefs and our approach to ministry – you can do so here. You may also get to know our staff here. And of course we’d love for you to join Redeemer Baptist Church in worship.